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Nils Lindberg (born 11 June 1933 in Uppsala) is a Swedish composer and pianist. Lindberg belongs to a family of musicians from Gagnef, Dalecarlia, where he lives. He studied classical composition at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm with Lars-Erik Larsson and Karl-Birger Blomdahl. Lindberg is known both as a jazz composer and musician, but also as active within other styles. Several of his works are written in a style combing elements of jazz, Swedish folk music and classical music… read more

Nils Lindberg, piano; Anders Paulsson, soprano and tenor saxophone; Hans Åkesson, alto saxophone; Krister Andersson, tenor saxophone; Joakim Milder, tenor saxophone; Jan Adefelt, bass; Bengt Stark, drums.

Nils Lindberg - Saxes GaloreNils Lindberg - Saxes GaloreNils Lindberg - Saxes GaloreNils Lindberg - Saxes Galore