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M eanwhile, a separate approval poll average by Real Clear Politics has Trump’s approval rating matching the lowest level since his inauguration.

House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz of Berlin said Wednesday that the teachers’ pension payments were a major issue of contention in his caucus — only 24 hours before Malloy changed the plan. The new proposal changed the landscape at the Capitol, but all the details will not be disclosed until Friday.

Ariella Botts, 5, of East Hartford, was born with a severe muscular disorder called nemaline myopathy that requires round the clock care from a visiting nurse. Her mother, Rachel, talks about how the service is threatened by a state cutback that would lower the reimbursement from Medicaid. Without the visiting nurses, like Livia Brown, seen caring for Ariella, she would be in a medical foster home or a hospital or long-term care facility, probably at higher cost.

Donald Malloy - There Is No LimitDonald Malloy - There Is No LimitDonald Malloy - There Is No LimitDonald Malloy - There Is No Limit